Have you always wanted to learn how to draw, but never thought it was possible?

Is art only possible to those who have a natural skill for it?  Have you secretly always wanted to learn how to draw, but have never thought it was possible for you?

Are you a parent that has a teenager who lacks confidence, has a low self esteem, or worries so much about making mistakes that they give up too easily?

I believe that ANYONE could be taught how to draw, and with consistent practice they could do it accurately.  I want to help teens, kids, and adults learn resilience, confidence, and effective criticism, and I believe it can be done as students apply the drawing principles I teach.

There are many benefits to engaging in creative practices, and it is no different with art. Some of the benefits of drawing which go beyond the technical:

  • Boosts self- confidence, develops a sense of accomplishment, which can translate to higher self-esteem and confidence in other areas of their lives.
  • How to properly critique someone that encourages rather than discourages
  • How to receive criticism that allows you to become more teachable, as well as nurtures a growth mindset
  • Loosens up your mindset to allow yourself to make mistakes.  Art requires experimentation and exploration (a natural part of the creative process).  This mindset can help them to be more resilient and persistent in their efforts to improve their skills.
  • gives opportunites to see the world differently through negative space.  By paying attention to it, students can gain a new perspective and understanding of the subject’s form and composition.
  • Better drawing skills directly translates to more refined painting skills
  • knowing how to simplify and break things down into simple abstract shapes.  This translates to thinking critically, problem-solving, and breaking things down into simple manageable parts.


FIRST CLASS IS FREE.  I have classes that are set up in a comfortable setting in my home, and we learn simple tools together that can help anyone learn how to draw something accurately from sight.  Parents are welcome to attend at any time to ensure that this is a good fit for their child.  If you want to continue to attend, you can start making payments beginning with the week you start.  If it is not an entire month, the initial payment may be made for the remainder of the month.


You do not come with a desire to learn, a willingness to be taught, or want to put in effort to practice.  In order for improvement to happen, a small amount of practice done CONSISTENTLY will give you results.

So yes, drawing (and other mediums in art) can be taught to people who don't have natural artistic talents. Artistic abilities can be developed and improved through learning, practice, and guidance, whether you have natural artistic talents or not.

To learn more, check out our courses page, and find a class time that works best for you.  I can't wait to meet you!