the artist behind the canvas


Carly Andelin in a field

I love to beautify spaces, connect with people, and get plenty of sunshine and Jesus.  You'll most likely find me listening to audiobooks and podcasts, eating good food, enjoying the outdoors, painting, reading, or serving in my church. The ocean, nature, and warmer seasons give me inspiration for my work.

I've loved art for as long as I can remember.  Creating and improvising, I would say, is one of my specialties. This process of getting my creative flow again has been very rejuvenating, healing, yet also challenging.  A few years ago, in the middle of some seasonal depression and burnout, I had the thought that I should try my hand at painting again. However, I supressed this thought for a while. I hadn’t painted much of anything since high school. When I finally picked up my brushes, I wasn’t impressed with my end results.  I think I painted 50 paintings before I liked even one.  As time went on, I began to believe in myself again and I felt renewed confidence in my artistic abilities, and that confidence began to show up in my pieces.

I've found that running away from something which has become a part of you isn't very useful, nor is it an effective way live -- it will surface itself eventually somehow.  I believe that no matter what gifts we have, we can create goodness with them and through them to create a better world no matter our circumstances.

I love being around people, I love connecting with people, and I love helping people.  A vacation without my family or friends kinda sounds miserable.  When I get out in nature or go to the ocean, I feel at peace and inspired to do more and to create more.  Much of my art begins with a trip, a hike, or a long walk. I try to keep it a little abstract as a reminder to simplify, keep things loose and less complicated.  My goal is not to paint exactly what I see, aim for perfection, or to depict every detail. In painting this way, I invite the viewer to use their creative mind to personally interpret its message.

You may think art is a little bit of fluff, or only for those who are wealthy enough to afford it.  Maybe it's true.  But maybe art has more power to do good than most of us realize.  Allow me to indulge you into why I value creating and art:   As our world fosters so much negativity, we need more people who want to create good and impact the world in a meaningful way.  There is something sacred and joyful about creating.  The pursuit of making something good that did not exist before takes courage; and I believe these creative proclivities inherently exist within each one of us.  I have found that consumption does not have the same effect on my soul; instead, it leaves me with a feeling of lack and emptiness. On the contrary, when I create, whether the outcome is glorious or not, it feeds gratitude and feels expansive.  Not only is there great value in creating, but the art itself has such a needed place in this world.  Art can serve as a representation of our values, our priorities, and can bring beauty where there was none.  Art can bring the feeling of peace into our homes, especially when it is otherwise hard to find.  Art has a way of saying things that can't be said in words.  It reminds us of what we love.  I try to express peace, love and gratitude through my art.  Although I want to develop my artistic skills far beyond where I currently am, I am happy to be able to share my paintings throughout this process.  

I am honored to share my art journey with each of you.