the artist behind the canvas


I love to beautify spaces, connect with people, and get plenty of sunshine and Jesus.  You'll most likely find me listening to podcasts, reading, or serving in my church.  The warmer months, the ocean, and hiking in the UT mountains gives me creative inspiration.

I've loved art for as long as I can remember.  Creating and improvising, I would say, is one of my specialties. This process of getting my creative flow again has been very rejuvenating, healing, yet also challenging.  Several years ago in the middle of some seasonal depression and burnout, I had the thought that I should try my hand at painting again. However, I supressed this thought for a while. I really hadn’t painted much since high school, and 15 years earlier when I was a freshman in college, I didn't think I was good enough to get into the art program.  Looking back, I didn't regret choosing the pathway I did, but what I regretted was not believing in myself before I even gave it a try.  When I finally picked up my brushes at about the year 2019, I wasn’t impressed with my end results.  I think I painted 50 paintings before I liked even one.  As time went on, I began to believe in myself again and I felt renewed confidence in my artistic abilities, and that confidence began to show up in my pieces.

I've found that running away from a part of who you are isn't very useful, nor is it an effective way live.  If you continually seek to live an honest life, good things that live inside of you eventually makes its way to the surface somehow.  Sometimes we embrace our gifts, and sometimes we try to deny them.  Sometimes we don't even realize we HAVE them. I do believe, however, that no matter what gifts we have, we can create goodness with them and through them to create a better world no matter our circumstances.

I thrive on connecting with and helping people..  A vacation without my family or friends sounds miserable.  Nature and the ocean bring me peace and inspiration, fueling my creativity and initiating many of my artistic journeys. I embrace abstraction as a means to simplify, invite interpretation, and engage viewers' creative minds.

Discover the hidden power of art beyond its perceived frivolity or exclusivity. Let me guide you into a world where art holds the potential for profound impact and meaningful change. Allow me to share why I deeply value the act of creating art:  "As our world fosters so much negativity, we need more people who want to create good and impact the world in a meaningful way.  There is something sacred and joyful about creating.  The act of bringing something new and remarkable into existence requires courage, and I firmly believe that this creative potential resides within every individual. I've discovered that consumption fails to nourish my soul, leaving me with a sense of emptiness. However, when I engage in the act of creation, regardless of the outcome, it fills me with gratitude and a sense of expansion.  Creation holds immense value, and art occupies an essential space in our world. It serves as a powerful reflection of our values, priorities, and introduces beauty into unexpected places. In the midst of turmoil, art has the ability to instill peace within our homes. It communicates what words cannot express, gently reminding us of what we love. I try to express peace, love and gratitude through my art.  While I aspire to push my artistic skills further, I'm grateful I can share my creative works with you throughout this journey."