Hey, I'm Carly

I love to beautify spaces, connect with people, and get plenty of sunshine.  I love making and eating good food, doing home improvements, serving in my church, and staying physically active.  The ocean, nature, and warmer seasons give me inspiration for my work.

I've loved art for as long as I can remember.  I have always loved using my creativity to create something new that wasn't there before.  This process of getting my creative flow again has been very rejuvenating and healing.  Yet, it hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows.  I started painting a couple of years ago after some seasonal depression and burnout.  During that difficult time I had the thought I should not give up on art (as it had been since high school since I'd actually painted).   It took quite a while for me to have enough confidence to start.  And when I picked up my paint brushes, it looked not so good.  I probably painted 50 paintings before I really liked even 1.  So if you're starting something new, and you stumble around a little bit, remember that it is normal, and all part of the process.  With enough days and weeks and months, I finally believed in myself to do this thing.  And here we are!

I love being around people, I love connecting with people, and I love helping people.  A vacation without my family or friends kinda sounds miserable.  When I get out in nature or go to the ocean, I feel at peace, and inspired to do more and to create more.  Much of my art begins with a trip, a hike, or a long walk.  Art can serve as a representation of our values, or priorities, and can bring beauty that wasn't there before.  Art can bring the feeling of peace in our homes, especially when it is otherwise hard to find.  I try to express peace, love and gratitude through my art.  I also try to keep it a little abstract as a reminder to keep life simple, and eliminate clutter and distractions from our spaces.  When we can simplify and eliminate mental and physical clutter, we can focus on the beauty in front of us and what is important.  My goal is to not paint exactly what I see, which allows the viewer to use their creative mind of what they see, and depict it themselves.

For a short time I thought I could just quietly paint and keep it to myself as my creative outlet.  But then I thought, "if I do this, I won't be able to share my talent and skills with others.  If you aren't willing to be vulnerable, you wont be able to connect with people."  As much as I don't especially love putting myself out there, I realize I need to share this beauty and this message with others. I speak for myself, but we are doing a disservice to God and the world when we do not share the gifts and talents we have to offer. There are lives we can lift, bless, and bring happiness to.  I feel so honored that I can share this art journey of mine with you.