Brighter Far Than Noonday Sun PRINT

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I believe in a God that is generous with sharing His truths.  He reveals and restores truth to His children, and speaks to a prophet like He did in days of old.  Joseph Smith in 1820 was a young man that God chose to restore His church and build his kingdom.  This truth is not popular or widely accepted among the world, or even among common Christian beliefs.  But learning truth for yourself is an essential skill to having a relationship with God.  If I am stuck or limited, I am so grateful to know that I can seek God and He can teach me light and truth.  He can help me know the difference between truth and error.  Although others reject Him, He LOVES the world, and I know this because He shared His Son with you and me.  --Carly


Custom sizes, framing, or printing on canvas available upon request.

Fine art reproduction of an original painting.  Our Giclee prints are printed with a high resolution and on fine art paper with a matte finish.  Please be aware that colors may slightly vary from the settings on your LCD screen, and we do our very best to color match our prints to the original painting.  To protect the fine art paper, we recommend you frame behind glass.  

PRINTED TO ORDER - Please allow processing time with approximately 2 weeks for printing, shipping, and quality assurance.


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