Youth Drawing Classes Ages 10-15 (TTh 10:30 -11:30)

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Discover the art of drawing with precision, regardless of your experience level. As you acquire new techniques and train your eyes to see subject matter differently, we will prioritize exercises that enhance your confidence instead of letting your mistakes to undermine it.


Time: TTh 10:30-11:30 June 6 - July 20th (see dates below)

Students: 6 per class IN PERSON

Cost: $20 per week - You may attend as many weeks as you'd like, based on availability. 

Required Materials:  sketchbook (about 9x12 size), #2 pencil, drawing pencils, erasers  (Drawing Materials kit may also be purchased through our website)

Location: Provo, UT at Carly Andelin’s home

Content:  This drawing class is taught in a small group of 6 students, and is designed to help youth develop fundamental skills and techniques for creating realistic drawings.  

Throughout this course, students will learn these basic rules and tools necessary to approach each drawing with confidence and accuracy:

  • drawing accurately from sight
  • training your eye to see lines, shapes and negative shapes
  • light and shadows
  • perspective, value, proportion, and composition
  • provide and receive feedback
  • teacher and self evaluations
  • Simplifying subject into abstract shapes

Other benefits:

  • fosters a growth mindset
  • learn skills through human interaction and not from a screen
  • drawing translates to painting skills
  • problem solving


Dates of Summer Classes:

You may attend as many weeks as you'd like, based on the availability.

June 6th & 8th, 13th & 5th, (no class week of 18th), 27th & 29th

July  (no class week of July 4th), 11th & 13th, 18th & 20th


*Once purchased, you'll receive an email with more details.  In that email will be a survey that will need to be completed before the first day of class.

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