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Giclee print of an acrylic original.  All sizes of prints are cropped from an original acrylic painting on canvas.  This item ships free.

This painting depicts the Savior Jesus Christ as the focal point, with slightly desaturated warm and cool tones.  He is wearing a red robe, symbolizing His return when He comes again.  His face was painted with loose and abstract marks, as the artist chooses to leave the interpretation of the Savior's image up to the viewer.  His outstretched arms symbolize, both figuratively and literally, His never ending desire to have all mankind come unto Him.  That all may be redeemed through his atoning power.

Note from the artist:

"I have struggled for a long time with the confidence to attempt painting a being as perfect as the Savior.  Feelings of inadequacy in both my personal life and as an artist, always seemed to hinder me.  However, my deep desire to share my testimony through my art has often weighed heavy on my mind. The world needs more goodness in it, and so I ventured to ask God if He could help me paint Jesus.  Subsequently, I had a strong impression that God wanted me to share my goodness, even if I didn’t paint His Son exactly right.  Ironically, I have also come to a place in my life where I am learning to rid myself of feelings of perfectionism and the false notion that I am somehow not enough.  I am embracing the truth that God doesn't expect flawlessness from me. He only asks that I move forward in faith.  God in fact sent His Son, knowing we would make mistakes and that His son would be our only way to be made perfect.  I plan to paint many more paintings of Jesus and to share this goodness with the world. A world that needs His light, hope, peace and His redeeming power, which is more than sufficient for all mankind.


Fine art reproduction of an original painting.  Our Giclee prints are printed with a high resolution and on fine art paper with a matte finish.  Please be aware that colors may slightly vary from the settings on your LCD screen, and we do our very best to color match our prints to the original painting.  To protect the fine art paper, we recommend you frame behind glass.  

PRINTED TO ORDER - Please allow processing time with approximately 2 weeks for printing, shipping, and quality assurance.

Custom sizes, framing, or printing on canvas available upon request.


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Kaitlyn Zimbelman
Savior for all Mankind

This print is gorgeous!!!! I loved it so much I bought one for myself and one for my mom. Carly Andelin is truly a remarkable artist and I will continue buying her masterpieces!!!